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Flight of the Butterflies

“A stunning documentary that fills the screen with intricate caterpillars, lush and colourful gardens, majestic forests, and millions of orange-and-black butterflies, sometimes coming right at you in whoa! 3-D”
The Ottawa Citizen

“It is thought that Flight of the Butterflies 3D … could do for butterflies what the feature documentary March of the Penguins did for penguins” Scientists were overwhelmed by the footage at a preview. One of them, Chip Taylor, said: "The film is … truly extraordinary … I have been amazed by the overwhelming emotional reaction that revealing the scientific secrets of the butterfly has had – even the eminent board of science advisers had moist eyes when the lights went up."
The Guardian UK

“Attention all grandparents, busy parents, aunts and uncles — if there’s one motion picture you must take an important child in your life to, it’s Flight of the Butterflies!”
Rancho Sante Fe Review

“Just Amazing … I love watching movies shot in 3D, but as good as “Avatar” was, it can’t hold a candle to “Flight of the Butterflies”
Hamilton County Herald